Maker Faire 2016

We were at the 2016 Austin, TX Maker Faire…. Were you? 4REELZ @ the Maker Faire 2016 – Austin, TX  

4REELZ Merchandise now available!

Looking for some swag? We’ve got it.  We have 2 variations of t-shirts that will surely bring out the young inner filmmaker in all of us. T-Shirts come in adult and kids sizes, a travel/carrier bag, and snuggly warm fleece for those cold winter/spring/fall months. We love wearing them and we bet …

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3D Printing Workshop!

4Reelz School of Film is now offering a 3d Printing Workshop! The purpose of this workshop is to introduce students to the 3D modeling and printing process. Students from ages 8 to 15 will choose a 3D model to customize and print to take home the following week. Students will …

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Crowd Investing – A Free Workshop!!

4Reelz School of Film is proud to offer this FREE WORKSHOP, hosted by Edgen Films & Casting Works, LA and featuring Film Finance Attorney JOHN CONES. When? THURSDAY DECEMBER 17, 2016 – 6:30pm-9:30pm – $0 (free!) Where? 4Reelz School of Film Why? Because we love you. 🙂 Click here for …

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Camps! Camps! Camps!

and more camps!  4Reelz is proud to offer 3 new camps for the Fall & Winter.  Join us as we teach our kids filmmaking, make-up & vfx, stop-motion animation, and other essentials workshops in today’s industry. We’ll also include cooking, arts / crafts and movie screenings to coincide with the …

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Now Enrolling After School, Evening and Weekend Classes

Looking for Creative, Hands on, AFTER SCHOOL, EVENING, and WEEKEND Classes for the Fall? NOW ENROLLING! Ages 6-17 Call today for current discount offers! 512.640.3831 Visit out site to learn more about our courses and our “WE LEARN BY DOING!”

4REELZ – One Brick at a Time.

How to you build the most comprehensive and well-rounded training program in the business of art / film????? One brick at a time!! 4Reelz School of Film’s new site location is literally being built from the ground up. Classes start early next year!